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Hey. You don't need to apologise to me. Turns out I've been gone for some time too. I'm sorry that I wasn't here for you for the past few weeks. You're right: situations, emotions, and people change too fast. But I'm still here for you. I know you changed your plans. But I also wish that you will change it again, to stay longer. I stayed, and today is my 22nd. It hasn't been easy. And I dunno how much longer I can go on. But I do hope that we will all get this life thing right someday <3

Life is a hard thing to get “right”. Because how does one have a “right” life. Being wealthy, being happy, having a house, making money. I don’t know. Maybe life isn’t something we get right. I’d like to think that life is going to be right either way. Like a labyrinth, seems like a maze but no matter where you go it’s pointing you in the right direction. I’d like to believe we’re in the right direction any way,

Why the fuck do i have to have feelings…

Fuck emotions man

So…I’ve reevaluated my plan. I’m not going to end my life at 25. I’ve moved it to my 18th birthday….

It’s crazy how fast situations, emotions, and even people can change.

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Hey how have you been? :)

Hey, sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I just haven’t been feeling this whole “life” thing

Anonymous asked:
No problem. I am glad that I'm of help, even if it's only a tiny contribution. I hope that you're feeling better. If you need a pair of ears, then I'm here to listen :)

Thank you :) it’s nice knowing that no one has to be alone in any of this “life” thing

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Hey hey. I'm here. It's okay. We'll do this life thing one day at a time. We'll keep trying. We'll hurt. We'll say useless things to keep each other here. We'll recover. We'll survive. We'll live. One day at a time, my friend.

Thank you, I needed this right now…

Why do you seek to ruin my life?